Murry On Quinn Departure

Last updated : 01 January 2009 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
New owner, Adam Murry, who bought out Paul Baker is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "We're at the stage now where it is make or break for the club and we need to be winning games. We need to see some consistency on the pitch. We're trying to breathe new life into the club. We need different tactics and different strategies on the pitch and, at this point in time, we felt things needed freshening up. In my opinion, we've got some extremely talented players and the team is as good as any other in this league and as good as some in the league above. If we can maintain some consistency on the pitch, we will definitely stay up and hopefully be challenging for promotion next season. It's unfortunate that this has to be done but it was a decision that had to be taken".

Murry went on to say: "We're bringing in business people who can bring innovative ideas to the club and hopefully bring back a bit of credibility to the club. I'm taking a big risk myself but I want to make a success of the club because I've grown attached to it and feel as though I can make some positive changes that will give positive results. I'm not standing up as chairman, I'll be director of operations and will run it with an iron fist".