New Chairman & Board Member Announced

Last updated : 05 November 2008 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
It has been announced that the new Chairman is Paul Baker, with previously unknown Adam Murry being appointed to the Board.

Chief Exec, Adrian Saverimutto, speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo on the appointment of Murry to the Board, is quoted as saying: "He's born and bred in Bournemouth and somebody that will bring new ideas and investment into the football club. One of the refreshing things to this is that Adam is extremely passionate about the things in business that he does around the world. In the same way he helps under-privileged kids in other parts of the world, he does it |with a sense of pride and also action. He's a guy that likes to deliver in the same way our ethos at Sport-6 is about delivery. Adam will certainly add a lot of experience and expertise in delivering key objectives to the football club. He's in a community and international role and, in particular, will be driving the development |of the new proposed sporting facilities here at AFC Bournemouth. That will be a very focused role".