New Deal In The Pipeline?

Last updated : 06 March 2009 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
The Adam Murry consortium failed to make the end of January deadline, and the Alan Pither '£1' deal was blown out the water, but take over talk is back with news that a deal is close to completion.

It would appear that plan 'A' involved Middle Eastern buyers for the Dean Court club, with a plan 'B' involving Adam Murry with backing from the likes of Matt Le Tisser and Jamie Redknapp.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo earlier in the week, co-owner Baker is quoted as saying: "Option A (the Middle East party) is everybody's preferred route but we realise it's more likely at the moment that we're going to have to go down the option B route, with looking at possibily bringing option A in at any given time. It's just taking a long time for it to happen. Like I said at the end of December, I've got no more funds to put into the football club and that situation hasn't changed. Either of these two options would sort out the situation so I will try to get this resolved today".

Chief Exec Saverimutto is quoted as saying: "The party that I have been in frontline negotiations with since the end of January is a party in the Middle East. The representatives of this party are jumping through hoops and have agreed, in principle, a deal. Funds have been highlighted as becoming available at a point in time which is not a million miles off. The interim period is the period we have got to overcome. I've been working since Friday with these people to put in place an interim financial package that takes the football club from a dangerous perilous position in advance of the monies coming through at a time designated by the contract. These monies were discussed and confirmed at the weekend but had not come in at a time when we understood they were going to and will now be coming in after a date we expected them".