New Man Savi Speaks

Last updated : 13 July 2008 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
Speaking to the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Adrian Saverimutto speaks of the future challenge he, and Sport-6 faces at Dean Court: "We met Jeff and Steve through a mutual friend many months ago. When we decided Chester wasn't a viable proposition, we were still hungry to get involved with a lower league football club. Although Bournemouth wasn't really on the radar because of where we lived, once we met Jeff and Steve it was clearly apparent that AFC Bournemouth oozed huge footballing and commercial potential and extended the perfect platform for my team to provide their respective expertise. In reality, we were simply blown away. This club is almost the dream ticket because it's got the infrastructure and it's broken. Even if it had been twice as bad, we still would have taken it on. There's no point claiming you can turn something around when it's physically impossible. We wouldn't have taken it on if we didn't think it stacked up. I've hit the ground running since I've been here ..... the plan is to put financial longevity into the football club. When you've got a facility like the one here, there is no need to invest in any of the infrastructure. We can focus fully on the business and the team. I'm not politically tied to anything to do with the club, I'm totally driven to the business and the team. The business is integral to the future of the football team. What has happened here to the business has come about after a decade of commercial and marketing neglect. Many clubs are either owned or run by enthusiastic supporters. They are always passionate and wear their heart on their sleeve but often their heart rules their head. Often, the appeal of free hospitality and an over-balance of contra-deals equates to a diminishing brand value and, ultimately, revenue. Clubs are often guilty of taking the quick financial fixes, without due consideration to the longer-term impact. Strategic vision, thinking and long-term planning are essential components in any business. However, for some reason, football clubs often adopt other business policies. In short, football businesses simply operate from Saturday to Saturday. This practice won't be used here. In this business, you will be found out within weeks if you're not up to the task. It's all about delivery".