News From The Football League

Last updated : 25 September 2004 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
The first item stems from the failed legal action the Football League tried to take a few years back against the defunct ITV Digital company OnDigital. The League are now taking legal action against their previous solicitors used during the original contract negotiation with ITV Digital, Hammonds Solicitors (were Edge Ellison at the time).

In the second article, the FL Chairman Brian Mawhinney has issued a warning to FIFA about the risks facing Clubs if a transfer window system is to be imposed on Clubs outside the Premiership, saying that "FIFA are threatening to remove, at the end of the current season, our club's ability to transfer players on a year round basis. League clubs have traditionally relied on the flexibility to buy, sell or loan players whenever needed, for either football or financial reasons. If this freedom is restricted clubs' financial health will suffer".

Let's hope the lobbying is successful.