OughtToBeShot Town Reaction - Cherries III

Last updated : 24 January 2010 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator

Cherries midfielder, Marvin Bartley, was quoted on the Clubs Official Web site on the incident that saw Warren Cummings dismissed as saying: "We were getting frustrated with the result and their time wasting, and then it obviously all kicked off from their bench. They did everything they could to aggravate us and at 2-1 down, we were trying to get the game going. I was close to it, and their sub threw a ball at Warren, it hit him in the face and he kicked it back at him.  It was outrageous what their player did.  By the letter of the law, the referee was correct to send Warren off, but you have to take in to consideration the circumstance as to why Warren was confronted. It doesn't make what Warren did right, but I think it was a terrible thing to do from their bench and I hope their manager deals with in house. It was a bad end to a disappointing defeat, but we have to put it behind us and go in to the next game with the belief that we can put this run behind us and start getting the points again".