Players Not Worried

Last updated : 10 February 2009 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
Inspite the off-the-field panto over the Clubs future ownership and the desparate need for new investment, the players are concentrating on their job of winning games to get the Cherries out of trouble.

Speaking to the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Steve Fletcher is quoted as saying: "People come up to us in the street and ask us what's happening and we don't really know because we're kept away from it, which is the best thing. We can't help reading it in the local paper but Savi came into the changing room after the game on Saturday and he said everything is okay, and that settles the boys. It's not that we're worried, but we read what everybody else reads and it's nice to know we are secure in that department. The sooner it gets sorted out the better, but it's also nice for an owner to come into the changing room after a game and put the boys' minds at rest, which I think was great of Savi to do that".

Big Fletch went on to be quoted as saying: "Eddie's just got to keep the boys focused on the game in hand. All we've got to focus on is results on the pitch and whatever happens off it will hopefully take care of itself. Surely there's enough interest and love of this club around this area to keep us afloat. I don't know the ins and outs of what's happening but we've showed in the past four games the passion that we've got. Anybody looking from the outside who sees the club and thinks it's going downhill has surely got a totally different perspective on it now. We're a club that's fighting and that's what people want".