Potential Candidates Backing Off

Last updated : 05 October 2012 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator

Since Paul Groves and Shaun Brooks left the managerial hot seat vacant at Dean Court, the list of potential candidates has been bewildering in the speed that the list has been compiled and those on the list distancing themselves just as quickly!

Those who have been strongly linked include:

  • Eddie Howe
  • Gary Johnson
  • Harry Redknapp
  • Steve Cotterill

All of whom have been strongly linked, with all backing off as soon their name has been mentioned!

Perhaps that is no surprise given the reputation of the board and their well document public antics.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Chairman Eddie Mitchell is quoted as saying: "I can’t expect Championship or Premier League managers in jobs to step back to League One. Realistically, the wages paid in the Championship and Premier League are above what we can afford at this moment in time. We have always got to look after our money and can’t compete with Championship and Premier League clubs. It might be a different kettle of fish when we get there but we have got to work within a League One budget. We need the right person. We need someone who can bring us success. We have got to be sensible with our money so that is a consideration. I am keen to get the right person as quickly as possible. Our aim for the season is still winning promotion. It is going to be a harder task than it was at the start of the season but we are still optimistic we can achieve something. If we fall below it this season then we will go again next season. But we are not going to take our focus off so early what we set about achieving this season".