Press Conference Statement

Last updated : 03 January 2009 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
It has been an eventful 48 hours at AFC Bournemouth.This is a tough environment and tough decisions have to be made.It has been clear to everybody that the inconsistency of the team has caused us problems. We needed to make radical changes and I spoke to Adam Murry and we decided that we needed to change the managerial positions of Jimmy Quinn and Ted Sutton, who have left the club and we have brought in Eddie Howe as caretaker.

Looked back a little further and with reference to our Chairman Paul Baker. He had found it increasingly difficult to put the commitment in to the football club that it required to go forward. He needed more time to concentrate on his business in the north and he felt that AFC Bournemouth needed someone of that position who was able to put in more commitment.

I am delighted to say that Adam Murry and his consortium has agreed to come in as an investor and Paul Baker has stepped down. Adam will add a lot of value and discipline to our operations.

When change has to happen, it has to happen very quickly. New Years Eve is not necessarily the best time, but the changes had to happen and have been made.