Quinn Gets Baker Backing

Last updated : 19 December 2008 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Baker is quoted as saying: "I am fully supportive of Jimmy and will back him all the way. I know he needs a certain type of player that he hasn't got in the dressing room at the moment. I want him to be able to bring in those players in the transfer window and I think we will see a more combative and competitive team, one that will fight for every point on offer. I don't think they have had that type of player at the club, certainly not while we've been here. It's not as if we have had them and they have moved on. We need some steel in there and I want to be supportive of Jimmy to make sure he gets that type of player. There needs to be players on the pitch that can put a verbal rocket up somebody's backside to get them to perform if they are not performing and we haven't got that at the moment. When we first came to the club, survival in League Two was our one objective and that hasn't changed from day one. We're six points from safety and we know we need to bring a certain type of player to the club in January. It's plainly obviously that a team of fighters, no matter what their pedigree, will prevail. We are missing some leaders on the pitch, people who are going to run through walls for you. It's as plain as day that we are missing a type of character in the team so that has got to be our number one priority. We're going to get some steel and grit into the team because we're going to have to scrap for results".