Rochdale Reaction - Dale

Last updated : 14 December 2008 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
Speaking on their Club official web site, Hill is quoted as saying: "In the first half we again dominated possession and should have taken advantage of it by scoring goals but we didn't and when they scored it was a case of "game plan" for them. I stressed to the lads at half time though that Bournemouth do struggle to keep sheets away from home and with the chances that we were creating I felt that we would score. As to the referee I think that he is a very good referee but he has had a bad day at the office. I don't feel that he would argue with that assessment if he watches the DVD of the game. I am not saying anything out of order-he simply did not have a good game. He put himself under a lot of pressure. The penalty for me, probably was a penalty but we are looking at the offisde decision before it that should have been given. The lad was definitely offside and I do not think that, collectively, the officials had as good a game as they should have done. It was an off day for them".