Rofe Being Realistic

Last updated : 11 October 2012 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator

He may be coming, he might not, but we do know that Eddie Mitchell has clearly stated that Denis Rofe is in charge of team affairs for this Saturday's match against Leyton Orient.

Rofe is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying on the current situation at Dean Court that: "The players may be wondering who the next manager is going to be and I am sure they are. I can truthfully say it doesn’t concern me. I just do what I think I am good at and that is to prepare them for the game. I have been in football a long time and, whatever happens, will happen. It is no good worrying about it. I had a conversation with the chairman and he said that, regardless of whether a new manager is or isn’t appointed, I will be taking the game on Saturday. If someone were to be appointed today or tomorrow, he wouldn’t have time to get across his own ideas and may want to watch the game. I think it has been documented that the chairman wishes to take his time with this appointment, which is his prerogative. Whoever comes in will inherit a decent bunch of players. I know results have not mirrored that statement but I am convinced there is enough talent in this club to get the team up the league".