Statement On Cherries Furture

Last updated : 18 June 2008 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
Here is what the statement says on the Clubs Official Web Site .........

There are still negotiations taking place with various parties as summarised below, but a framework is now in place to trade effectively into the start of the 2008/2009 season starting with the news a new kit manufacturer is in place.

It is seven weeks since Gerald Krasner held a press conference at Dean Court advising all of our supporters that as a result of me making further funding being made available, I was to be given the opportunity to encourage investment that would provide long term security for the club's future.

I am now in a position to advise you that I have achieved my initial goal to provide all the funding to take the club out of administration and into the new season and beyond.

We have had our offer for the club accepted by the Administrator in addition to formalising my agreement with our new partners in respect of the future funding of the football club.

With your support we can at long last start the process that will take the club out of Administration once and for all. It is now my task to formally prepare and complete the business plan on behalf of the club; this will be presented to the Football League board of directors in July. We are confident that our proposal will enable us to have the Golden Share transferred back to the club.

You will all appreciate that we cannot sit back and wait for the July meeting to take place, we continue to plan for the new season. We are all working 24/7 to ensure that we are prepared for our pre season friendlies and August 9th the start of our campaign to regain League One status.

This very much work in progress, but our endeavours are already beginning to show results.
- We have a new Technical Partner in Joma who will provide all our new seasons Kit, indeed it will be a Joma double bill when we entertain the cup finalists Cardiff City in the Carling Cup.
- Season Ticket applications are currently being sent out to all our existing season ticket holders, for the second season running there are a number of reductions in season ticket prices. Full details will be published tomorrow.
- New Conference and Catering packages will be announced to all categories of our supporters, these packages will be priced in consultation with our supporters' desires.
- We are negotiating with all our existing corporate box holders, our business partners, and our advertising partners.
- We have received numerous enquires for match sponsorship for the new season, businesses, and individuals who are willing to demonstrate immediate support for the club.
- We have further committed to our Youth Development programme and our Football Trust Programme formally Football in the Community. Both these projects are at the heart of this football Club.
- We have also recruited a number of new staff to replace those who looked for pastures new since the end of last season.

As I stated earlier this is very much work in progress, I hope that you will be motivated by the progress we have made over the past few weeks. You have my assurance that now the ball is rolling I will keep you all informed of the progress made in respect of the Football League application and progress made with our player negotiations.

It is my intention to hold a number of meetings with our supporters and business colleagues to discuss our plans for the future and involve as many groups as we can in our decision making process.

I believe at last this is a step in the right direction, a step that will ultimately take the club out of Administration.

Thank you all for your amazing support and patience throughout this difficult process.

With kind regards,
Jeff Mostyn, Chairman