The Worst Grounds In The Country

Last updated : 30 September 2004 By Andy Burton
Nominate the worst ground you have been to in the country (not because you
don't like the team that plays there, though!)

Whether it's a soul-less corporate monstrosity or a dingy little shed -
whatever is your idea of a hell-hole. Along with the architecture, please
consider the atmosphere, catering, toilet facilities, view of the match,
seating or standing arrangements, ticket prices and any other black marks or
redeeming features.

It's important to consider the whole 'day out' experience: What is the
surrounding area like? The walk from the train station? Pubs and eateries?
The welcome from the locals? Please give your reasons for the nomination.

If you'd like to take part we'll need you to email us a short paragraph by
Friday this week (sorry for the short notice!)

Don't forget to give us your name and URL.

Please send it to David Hills. email:

If you can't help us this time, please let us know so we can approach an
alternative. Thanks very much in advance,


PS Please could you confirm your full name.