Victims Of Own Success

Last updated : 02 August 2011 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator

Manager Lee Bradbury has openly said that the Club is a victim of its' own success, given recent departures from Dean Court.

Bradders is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echoas saying: "I understand this is the way football is, but, sometimes, you are the victims of your own success. We didn’t get promoted. If we had, maybe the players would have been happy and fine. But we didn’t and some of those lads showcased themselves week in, week out and did superbly. Of course other clubs are going to be interested. It is a shame to lose these players because you get a bond with them. You start to get to know them very well, both as a player and a person, and then they move on. But that is football and you can’t keep the same squad forever. It is how you react to these losses and you will be judged on the people you bring in".