Walk Before You Can Run

Last updated : 17 November 2004 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
FGR Manager, Alan Lewer is asking his own set of supporters to keep calm after the Second Draw saw them in a possible match against Bristol Rovers!

Speaking in their local paper, Lewer is quoted as saying: "Yes, it would be fantastic, but we've got a job to do at Bournemouth first, who will still be favourites ..... People look at the draw and think it's a great one for us and if we do get Bristol Rovers, it would be great and it would probably be televised ..... Our main aim is to get out of trouble and so Burton is a bigger game for us than Bournemouth".

The televised matches have already been announced, and a possible FGR v Bristol Rovers game isn't one of them. The live games are:
Scunthorpe United v Wrexham (Sky Sports)
Hinkley United v Bristol City/Brentford * (BBC One)

* The Bristol City v Brentford replay is being shown on Sky Sports! Shame the TV companies couldn't share the money out more evenly!