We're Not Selling - Savi

Last updated : 17 October 2008 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, in response to fans' concerns about player sales, Savi is quoted as saying: "At the moment we have no intention to sell any players. On the contrary, we are looking to bolster our squad. I am aware we've had some significant representatives of football clubs watching us because we're a young team. We're on the start of a bubble and we have our youngsters coming through demonstrating good potential, although there's a long way down the road for them to go. It's absolutely our intention to help them develop their skills in a competitive environment. If someone did come in for any of our players, they would have to have a significant pull on the players in order for us to consider it. In reality, if a top club come in for a player we wouldn't stand in their way, save for the right deal - and it would have to be a good deal. There is no agenda for us to make adjustments in our team for a needless sale. Any interest in any of our players would receive the consideration it merits, but there's absolutely no intention of putting a spanner in our current works".