Wind Up Or What?

Last updated : 13 December 2008 By Bournemouth Co-Ordinator
It is being reported that a company called Magic Solutions Ltd is attempting to wind the club up in the High Court.

It would appear that the Club was loaned £25,000 with a promise to repay £30,000, which helped finance the transfer of Scott Guyett from Yeovil Town.

Guy Davis, a representative of solictors Portner, is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "The petition was issued on November 21 following a letter before action. The petition relates, in part, to the purchase of a football player from Yeovil Town and not solely in respect of invoices rendered for outbound sales".

In response, Chief Exec Adrian Saverimutto, is quoted as saying: "AFCB (new co) engaged with (pre-administration) an outbound sales company to increase the resource of the club's corporate sales function in July 08. The arrangement was commission based against 'new revenues' successfully achieved and collected for the club. However, this organisation invoiced the club against 'existing renewal revenues' from which the AFCB personnel secured, and therefore the respective invoices received were disputed. Although a part of the sums claimed have been accepted by AFCB, the petition brought against the club is for the total sum invoiced and therefore a full defence has been submitted for the petition to be set aside. For total clarity, this action will be fully dealt with by AFCB's legal team and settled to the court's satisfaction. Clearly it is with regret that the only resolution is through the court. However, the club will in no way accept liability for monies not due as a result of third party pressure. In light of the comments made by Mr Davis, it should be noted that the disputed part of the claim remains 100 per cent disputed. The second part of the claim actually refers to business outside of AFCB. It refers to 3D |technology that was being |introduced into Magic Solutions from the USA on an exclusive basis and Magic Solutions entered into an agreement that enabled them to benefit from this 3D technology on an exclusive basis in the UK. It is a shame it has come to this but in light of the position we find ourselves in, AFCB feel that this should be aired in a court in order for all the facts and statements from our staff to be heard".

The petition to wind the club up is due to be held on January 28th at 1030.