26 Jan Oldham Athletic 3-3 AFC Bournemouth Att: 4853

Last updated : 17 February 2002 By Andy Burton
Anyone who knows me will be the first to say "No change there then"!

My reason for wanting such a work of art was so that I could poke intellectual jibes at Paul Danson, our strutting figure of self obsession, sorry Referee and his 90 minute commitment to getting himself noticed by as many people and TV Camera's as possible. (Just as a side note it was pleasing to see and hear that the newly crowned king of self obsession only got one mention on Football League Extra).

Anyway, enough about him!

The match itself was a game of mixed quality. The first half was, quite frankly poor with two sides who appeared to have trouble passing to a player in the same colour shirt. Nothing unusual this season, especially if you are one of those stupid nutters (like me) who insists on going too away games. The only goal of the half came when Gareth Stewart performed one of his now patented "I'll come out and catch that cross, oh dear, oops, sorry". Having said that it was a bit windy and the ball did move around a little, however it is not the first time that his decision making has been poor.

The second half was much better, with Gareth O'Connor replacing the very out of form Wade Elliott on the right wing. There was suddenly more invention and innovation in the cherries side. From a corner (won by O'Connor) Eddie Howe bundled the ball goalward and with the help of a deflection from Matty Appleby it nestled in the corner of the net. Within minutes Bournemouth were in front. Warren Feeney was put clear on the right hand side and as we moved into the box he went down under a challenge. Warren got up, no worse for ware and slotted the ball home. With no time to get over the shock of being in the lead, we then were not. Karl Broadhurst then, for some reason tried to play the ball back to Gareth Stewart without looking. Stewart was out of his goal and the ball rolled into the net with Stewart trying to recover and looking like Bambi on Ice.

To make things worse the defence then decided that it was a good idea to back off into our own area and invite the shot. The shot came from Eyres and found the goal. It was just generally bad defending; you simple can't keep backing off without having a line that you won't retreat behind. Just as all seamed lost, another comeback! After about fifteen minutes of ineffective pressure the ball was laid back to the on rushing Richard Hughes who passed the ball between the 'keepers legs and into the goal. 3-3. Ether side could then have won but the draw seemed about fair.

All three Oldham goals came from defensive mistakes, two of the individual and one collective. However you can not afford to keep making these sort of mistakes and expect to stay in the same division. Looking on the bright side, there could be a few new grounds next year!

Warren Feeney (for not giving up)

: Stewart, Broadhurst, Tindall, Howe, Purches, Hayter, C Fletcher, Elliott, Hughes, Holmes, Feeney
Subs: O'Connor (on for Elliott, 45 mins), Foyewa, Eribenne, Maher (for Purches, on 79 mins), Smith (for Feeney, on 90 mins)
Phil Henstridge, Banbury