March 28 Bury 1-0 AFC Bournemouth Att: 2762

Last updated : 09 May 2009 By Phil Nesbitt

There is very little to report about on the match as Bury are one of those sides that are near the top but when you see them play you have no idea why. There was no real flow to the match. Mr Boyeson was in a 'I'll find as many reasons as possible to blow my whistle' mood. The fact that there were no bookings (which is something to his credit) showed that there were no bad fouls so why not let the fans see some uninterrupted football. Just because there was contact does not mean that there was a foul!

We started ok but the only real chance was a Goulding header which was too high. There was a controversial moment during the half when Bury's Jevons collapsed in our box in the vicinity of Jason Pearce. This was a dreadful attempt to con the ref made worse by being in front of the visiting supporters. There are too many trivial bookings in the game at present but this sort of incident deserved one but the ref did not even speak to Jevons. Pearce and Jalal took a different approach and gave him a right earful! 0 0 at half time summed it all up.

The second half continued in the same vein with stodgy football frequently punctuated with blasts of the refs whistle. A couple of defensive errors allowed the game's only goal to be scored. Cummings (our weakest player in the first half) was again caught out of position and a ball was played in behind him allowing Bury's Bennett to run into the box. The downside of Jalal's current confidence (almost over confidence) is that he goes walkabout too much. This was another occasion of this and he came flying out of his goal when staying at the near post was the correct option. His actions allowed Bennett to cross the ball for Morrell to sweep the ball into an empty net with elan. Cummings was immediately replaced by the fit again Wiggins.

We now upped the tempo a bit but did not gain enough control of the match to exert any lengthy spells of pressure onto the Bury goal. The only real chances were a Hollands far post header that was saved, a weak shot wide and high by Feeney after he was put through and a late cross to which Goulding did not get a proper connection and which dribbled wide. 1 0 at full time and another single goal defeat.

This match did not prove much or provide many talking points. What it did show is that Cummings, despite a few recent flashes of his former self, is now a liability, that we are at least as good (or perhaps a better description is just as poor as) the so called top teams and finally that Eddie has a ruthless streak. Cummings was hauled off immediately after his error caused the goal. It seemed that he had been asked/told to do a certain job and that Eddie will not tolerate constant failure to perform your basic role.

Man of the match is again a difficult decision but I have chosen Pearce as he was his usual steady self. It was that sort of game where you could appear good just by being steady.

AFCB: Jalal, Cooper, Pearce, Garry, Cummings, Robinson, Molesley, Hollands, Pitman, Goulding, Fletcher
Subs: Guyett, Bartley, Wiggins (for Cummings, 59 mins), Feeney (for Fletcher, 67 mins), Bradbury (for Molesley, 78 mins)

Phil Nesbitt, Acocks Green